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Car Care Detailing

Discover the joy of a spotless vehicle without lifting a finger. Unmatched hand car wash, detailing, paint correction and rust proofing at your service.

Hand Car Wash

At AutoSalon, we redefine cleanliness with our meticulous hand carwash services. We understand the value of your vehicle, and our skilled team ensures that every inch is spotless. Say goodbye to dirt and grime, and hello to a sparkling clean car.

Car Detailing

Our detailing services go beyond the surface, providing your car with the pampering it deserves. From interior deep-cleaning to exterior polishing, we enhance your vehicle's aesthetic appeal and ensure a driving experience that feels brand new.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a meticulous auto detailing process using specialized compounds to remove imperfections like swirl marks. Skilled technicians aim for a glossy finish, enhancing aesthetics and protecting the paint for a showroom-like appearance.

Rust Proofing

for longevity.
Protect your investment with our comprehensive rust check services. Mississauga's climate can be tough on cars, but our rust check procedures add a layer of defense, ensuring your vehicle stands the test of time.



Your Car's Oasis of Care

Welcome to AUTO SALON, where automotive excellence meets meticulous craftsmanship. With over 13 years of unrivaled expertise, we take pride in transforming your vehicle into a masterpiece. With attention to detail, a commitment to environmental sustainability,  a passion for perfection, and a level of sophistication that exceeds expectations. Trust us to elevate your driving experience with a commitment to precision, luxury, and a decade-long legacy of impeccable service.

Our Happy Clients

Anthony Greene

This place uses top quality products !! I washed my car and 5 days later and it’s still clean !! Wow ! Customer service is great!! I will be definitely bringing my car back weekly .. I recommend you to go check this place out, you’ll definitely be satisfied

Jalyssa Berry

Hands down the best detailing car wash I’ve been to. Having had a bad experience in the last place I went to, the owner and his team reassured me my car was in great hands. They delivered above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great deal and amazing service. Thanks Amreet and team you guys are awesome!

Raimos Bakis

I can't even explain how nice the car looked afterwards. They did a superb job, well worth the cost. Very professional service for sure. Never going back to In & Out. Will be here at least once a month.

MG Navarro

Excellent service! I came to Auto Salon to get my truck cleaned after letting two pitbulls ride in the back seat of my truck and the guys did a terrific job from the time I pulled into the bay to the time I checked out. I don't have floor mats in my back seat and after they were done cleaning my truck you couldn't find a single golden hair in my black carpet. Amazing job totally recommend this place.

Michael Todd

I have been going to Auto Salon for the better half of the past two years. I have had nothing but excellent service from these guys. They take their time to do a great job and really know what their doing. Why anyone would go to a "do it yourself" power wash when they can get a quickie wash from Auto Salon is beyond me.

Carm AR Contracting and Tile

I have been coming here for the past 5 years and change this young man is always working literally open everyday I am very very picky with all of my cars and I have never ever had a complaint.. Amrit you are a true businessman

Diana Aguiar

Love going to get my car washed at auto salon and prices are great as well we drive over an hour to get our car washed so worth it

Revitalize Your Vehicle, Revitalize Your Journey

Step into the world of Auto Salon, your premier destination for meticulous car care. From hand carwash services that bring out your vehicle’s original shine to detailed precision that leaves no spot unnoticed, we take pride in restoring and enhancing your car’s aesthetic appeal. Our rustproofing expertise ensures longevity, protecting your investment. Experience automotive excellence with Auto Salon – where every detail matters.

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